What is Brand Recognition? (2022)

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What is brand recognition? In short, it’s when people see your company’s name, logo, or color schemes and instantly know who you are. Having this kind of strong brand awareness is extremely valuable for big or small businesses. Here’s why:

Essentially, brand recognition can help you attract new audiences. If people are familiar with your brand, they’re more likely to do business with you. And if they’ve had a positive experience with you in the past, they’re even more likely to come back.

Think about it – when was the last time you tried a new product or service from a company you’d never heard of before? Probably not recently, right? But if someone recommended that same product or service to you, chances are you’d be more likely to give it a shot. That’s the power of brand recognition at work!

So how do you get started building brand recognition for your business? Keep reading to find out.


Building Brand Recognition

The brand logo, colors, and design are the visual cues that enable customers to recognize your company. These cues are what identifies your company to customers and they’re crucial to making a good first impression.

Just think about the golden arches. When you see this distinctive logo, you immediately know that a McDonald’s is nearby. Or the “swoosh” symbol on clothing, that you probably immediately recognize as Nike. The visual identity of a brand is a great way to distinguish it from similar products.

The same goes for audio cues. Marketing campaigns that rely on auditory soundbites often ensure that the jingles or lines of the slogan are memorable. For example, if you’re driving and hear the familiar “Nationwide is on your side” theme song, you immediately picture that specific brand. That’s brand recall at work!

These marketing efforts are tried and tested methods in brand building. As long as the general public associates visual and auditory cues with your brand, you have a competitive advantage over different companies with similar products or services.

The ultimate goal of brand recognition is to ensure that your particular product or service is instantly associated with your company and no one else’s.

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Importance of Brand Recognition

Brand building is important because it gives you the power to build relationships with your customers through brand identity. Plus, it helps companies tap into how their target market reacts to their particular brand.

Building your brand can do the following:


Establish Brand Trust

Have you ever felt that you purchased from a company because of the positive associations that you have with their products? Once you establish an emotional connection with a particular product or service, you’re way more likely to become a repeat customer. This connection means that the brand image of the company elicits customer satisfaction.

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Establish Brand Loyalty

If you’re a repeat customer, this also means you have brand loyalty to this particular company. The consumers’ ability to make purchase decisions based on their overall experience with a brand is what companies should take into consideration. Aside from making stellar products or services, customer experience should also be top of mind when building your brand.


Establish Brand Equity

As soon as trust and loyalty are established, then brand equity can be reached. Brand equity is the value created through customer perception and experiences. If customers are spending more money on your products over the same products with a lesser value, then you have positive brand equity. If you have positive brand equity, then the chances of your brand increasing in stock value are also positive.


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Get Help Building Brand Awareness

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Brand recognition is so important for businesses! It’s what sets you apart from the competition and helps potential customers remember who you are.

If you want to increase your brand recognition, Shelten, LLC can help!

We specialize in helping businesses grow and we have brand managers who can develop a marketing strategy tailored specifically for your company.

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