Twitter Branding Guidelines in 2023

Twitter Branding Guidelines in 2023 from Shelten, LLC at

For small and medium-sized businesses, it can sometimes feel like your business was started in a different lifetime. With so many changes happening over the years on the different social media sites, it’s important for business owners and digital marketers to stay on top of the current Twitter branding guidelines—especially if part of your marketing strategy involves using Twitter to promote your brand online.

In this post, we’ll look closely at the current Twitter brand guidelines. This includes the best practices, key features, and even tips for tweeting successfully. So, let’s dive right into the details of using Twitter as part of your overall digital strategy!

Plan a Twitter Marketing Strategy

According to Statista, there were more than 368 million active Twitter users every month as of December 2022. Further, the social network boasts 76.9 million reguar users just in the United States alone.

With this many social media accounts that could translate to potential customers for your business, you might be tempted to start tweeting immediately. But before you start typing in your Twitter account, it’s important to put some thought into your brand’s social media strategy to get the best results from your online efforts.

Here’s our top tried-and-tested pro tips for marketing your biz on this platform:

Set Goals

The first thing to do in handling any business strategy is to set goals. Do you have high-level business objectives in place?

Having specific, quantifiable goals is always the first step to success on any social network. This is because without a clear understanding of your goals, it’s impossible to determine whether your approach is giving you the desired results or positively affecting your brand.

In order to make the most of your strategies, we recommend setting S.M.A.R.T. goals. This acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals. With at least one major S.M.A.R.T. goal in place for your marketing campaign on Twitter, you won’t have to rely on “going viral” in order to find success for your business on the platform.

Check the Competition

While it may seem sneaky, don’t forget to check out the Twitter accounts of your business’ biggest competitors. By identifying flaws or gaps in their social media approach and areas where you can set yourself apart, analyzing their social media presence can help you improve your own.

Make a Style Guide

Having a style guideline allows you to maintain clarity and consistency in your brand’s messages on social media. Moreover, guidelines are a great way to aid in onboarding new members or employees to make sure they’re keeping your image and messaging true to your brand. Plus, having a style guide can help you avoid social media blunders and catastrophes that may affect your marketing efforts.

Additionally, having detailed information about the rules you want to set for your social media presence can help you better understand your metrics and make the best decisions for your brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Review Analytics

The most important tip we can give you is to track your Twitter analytics.

In order to ensure a winning Twitter marketing strategy, it’s vital that you continually assess your performance and compare it to the S.M.A.R.T. objectives you established.

That being said, we know having that amount of data at your disposal can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re new to marketing with this platform. Twitter gives you access to a vast number of metrics with a business Twitter account, including metrics that aren’t necessarily useful. Keeping your goals in mind can help you figure out which metrics are most important to track and improve.

In other words, whether your goal with Twitter is to stay connected to current customers, find new ones, or simply to bring more awareness to your brand, being able to collect relevant data will give you insights that will hep you gradually improve your plan.

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Key Marketing Features of Twitter

Twitter branding and marketing involves more than just posting Tweets from time to time. Since social networks like Twitter offer many features and tools to maximize the effectiveness of marketing operations, it pays to get an insight into them.


When a specific subject, phrase, word, or hashtag becomes widely used on Twitter, it’s referred to as a “trending topic” or “trend.”

Twitter Trends are helpful for marketers to gain a sense of what subjects or discussions are being had on the social media site and better understand the current interests of their target audience.


Building your brand, audience, and community are the three main goals you should set on the most popular social media platforms you’re planning to use. Thus, it stands to reason that Twitter Communities offer a great opportunity to create brand awareness for your company.


It can be overwhelming to open your Twitter page when it seems like so many conversations are going on at once. Plus, it can be challenging to concentrate on any one thing on this platform since there always seems to be a lot going on.

That’s why Twitter Lists are a valuable tool for your business. These lists are curated Twitter feeds from chosen accounts that let you keep up with essential conversations or notable figures like your favorite thought leader. Utilizing this feature makes it easy to focus on a specific topic relevant to your business.


Twitter Spaces are the platform’s take on real-time audio chats. This feature is accessible on iOS and it can be used for things like social listening or engaging with your target market.


Everyone wants to be in the know, and Twitter Circle allows you to curate a select group of followers for your tweets. The content and interactions with those particular tweets are only visible to members of your Twitter Circle.

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Twitter Branding Guidelines

Update Your Twitter Profile

First things first—in order to make a solid first impression on potential followers, it’s important to ensure that you have a polished, professional Twitter profile. You can do this by thinking about how each component of your profile contributes to enhancing your brand and how you’re educating people who land on your profile.

For instance, does your Twitter Handle reflect your brand image? Are your color codes consistent with your branding everywhere else online? Have you uploaded a Twitter profile picture that your audience will recognize as your brand?

Engage With Your Audience

One of the most important Twitter branding guidelines is to engage with people. Twitter is a platform with lots of chatter, and the algorithm loves when you engage with people. While you might use visuals to attract new followers, it’s also crucial that you nail an appealing brand voice and interact with your audience often to earn fans and connect with them.

Measure Your Success

Additionally, it’s a good idea to utilize UTM parameters to upgrade your Twitter data and analytics. With this extra step, you can add short text codes to your links that allow you to track extra metrics from your account, such as traffic and conversions.

Get Help

Finally, in order to run a really successful marketing campaign with Twitter, it’s important to get help from people who already know the keys to success with this platform. This can be done through research, training, or consulting with social media marketing leaders such as our team at Shelten, LLC.

Shelten is a brand awareness company that’s dedicated to taking your company’s brand awareness to new heights—including on Twitter! Click here to book a free consultation.

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Are you ready to join the Twitter branding revolution?

If you’re unsure where to start or how to make your Twitter branding guidelines work for you, contact us at Shelten, LLC. As a brand awareness company, we’re in the business of partnering with B2B and B2C companies that need to boost their marketing.

We’re experts in all things social media, and we can help craft a plan that highlights your unique strengths in the marketplace. Click here for your free consultation today!


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