The Best Social Media Marketing Services List from Top Agencies

The Best Social Media Marketing Services List from Top Agencies from Shelten, LLC at

Do you need help with your social media marketing strategy? Are you looking for a top social media marketing agency to help you out? Check out this list of the best social media marketing services list from top agencies.

These companies are experts in helping businesses grow their online presence and reach potential clients through the services listed below.

Whether you’re just starting or want to take your social media marketing to the next level, these best practices in social media management are excellent services to hire out for your business.

Take a look and see which ones are right for your own marketing strategy!

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1. Education and Consultation

Social media campaigns are not as easy as they seem. Business owners often have a harder time gaining traction on social media because, unlike personal social media accounts, business accounts need to be flawlessly kept up with. Aside from posting branded content that’s useful and needing to post consistently, keep in mind that businesses also need to use the appropriate language when talking to their target audience. A good idea is to look for a social media agency that can either take over these services for you, or educate you through consultation.

Shelten, LLC is a top brand awareness company that offers a free consultation that can help plan your social media presence for your business. As experts in social media management services, Shelten, LLC can answer all of your questions on how to go about building your profiles and your marketing strategy on social networks.


2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you type a recipe or DIY inquiry into Google, Bing, or Yahoo, the results you see on the first page are websites that have good SEO. Essentially, search engines have algorithms that determine which websites appear high on the list of search engine results pages (SERPs). This means that effective SEO services can get you seen more on search engines, which will increase organic traffic, or the number of visitors to your website.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the types of digital marketing services that involves adjusting or rewriting your content to increase the chances of showing up in search results so you can benefit from the increase in organic traffic. SEM includes both paid ads such as Google ads as well as organic search marketing, otherwise known as SEO.


3. Website Design and Development

People tend to be more interested in a clean and well-thought-out website. That’s why it’s important that your web design incorporates your branding while also being visually pleasing and easy to use for your customer base. A full-service digital marketing agency can help with website design and development.

As an example, if your market is comprised primarily of senior citizens, it would be awkward for your website to look too loud with small text. This target demographic may not be as internet-savvy as the younger generations, and might have a hard time reading text that isn’t big enough. In this case, you would want to make your website crisp and simple without too much going on, and with large enough text that your target audience could easily navigate through your website. 

An effective graphic design can get you places and people. Plus, your brand image should be consistent throughout your social media channels as well as your website. This can help your business be remembered.


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4. Content Creation

Many people go on popular social media platforms to connect with family and friends, shop, get information, and share social media posts. Businesses can get the most out of their social media strategy by having balanced and branded social media content that’s posted on a regular basis. This content can be different things: free downloadable e-books, videos, case studies, blog posts, and website links, to name a few. Companies like Shelten, LLC can take over your business’ content creation. 


  1. Video Production

Active users of the internet spend about seven hours a week watching videos, on average. If your demographic spends most of their time on YouTube or TikTok, consider posting interviews, tutorials, or promotional videos to these platforms. You may need a small team of social media marketers to help with video production. 

Be reminded that different platforms should not have the same video treatment. YouTube is best for long-form videos, whereas TikTok and Instagram are best for short reels. Also, your Twitter or Facebook page can help link your videos to your YouTube or TikTok account to ensure more people watch them.


  1. Content Writing

Social media content is much more effective when it’s short and sweet. Many people scroll quickly on social media, so long posts on platforms like Facebook are often skipped by users. However, blog content on websites is a great way to display long-form content, and you can always link to your website by sharing this content on social media platforms like Facebook with a short blurb accompanying your website link. Plus, strategically written content on your website is a great way to improve your SEO, too. And of course, the most important part of your content strategy is to keep your audience engaged. 

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5. Advertising and Marketing

Social media advertising and marketing can also offer some of the best results to reach your target market.


  1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC ads can help convert clicks to sales. With this type of marketing, the only time you pay a fee is when potential customers click on your ad.


  1. Social Media Advertising

Personalized ads on social platforms can also help with your marketing efforts. These ads target the needs of your audience based on their previous engagements on social media.


  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great opportunity for converting your leads into paying customers. This is why many social media marketing companies also use email marketing to reach your customers. The first step is to learn about your prospects’ needs, then you can craft effective email content that speaks to your audience. In this way, your social media profiles can also be attached to these emails to get you more engagement.


  1. Affiliate or Influencer Marketing

Other ways of promoting your products and services are through affiliate programs or influencers. With this type of marketing, you would build a commission scheme for every purchase of your products through the marketing efforts of influencers or affiliates.


  1. Content Marketing

Like we touched on previously, a good content strategy offers your audience what they need or want to know. This includes content such as educational articles, webinars, entertainment, videos, e-books, and more. 


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6. Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Social media marketing agencies can also help you craft a great reputation online through the following strategies:


  1. Campaign Management

Marketing campaigns are a lot like recipes. You have to follow the steps and make sure you don’t skip any. One common mistake people make when they’re running their first campaign is not being able to put in enough time or effort to plan, execute, and analyze their results.


  1. Community Management

Building an authentic community among your customers, employees, and partners through various types of interaction is key to building a brand’s loyal following. The goal for businesses should always be connections much more than sales. Connection helps businesses get more sales in the long run.


  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is managing customer relationships by gathering data on each individual. There are different ways to implement CRMs, but they all have one goal: improving your company’s sales and retention rates with targeted marketing campaigns that cater specifically to customers’ needs. Plus, CRM also helps address issues that may affect your reputation before it escalates.


7. Link Building

Hyperlinks make it possible for users to navigate between pages on websites, and search engines use them to crawl entire web pages. For your site’s content to be visible in Google results, you’ll need hyperlink-building tactics that include links to your website published on other websites as well as on social media. Social media users may find these hyperlinks useful, especially if they want to check out related content.


8. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is a process to increase leads to your website. It can be achieved through testing, improvements, and enhancement. Aside from generating leads, CROs can also lower acquisition costs, thereby increasing revenue generation.


These social media services can give you a good chance of getting the most out of your marketing strategies. Social media agencies use these services as a holistic approach to improving your business statistics in the digital world.

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To get the most out of your social media marketing, it’s important to have a team of experts working for you. The list of top social media marketing services we’ve provided can help you get started on your search for the perfect partner. But don’t stop there!

Get in touch with the team members of Shelten, LLC today for your free consultation and to find out how we can help you reach your business goals.



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