Social Media

What is social media? It is the best communication tool available to raise awareness for your brand or cause. Your target market is using their favorite social media channels to stay connected, to share their thoughts and opinions, and to seek information and gain knowledge. It is important that you have a presence on those channels that makes you stand out from the crowd as well as accurately represent your brand and culture. That is where we come in.

We believe the most important part of social media is being social. We create content that will draw your future and current customers to your channels by offering them a wide range of posts that represents your brand, delivers the information, and drives them to your call-to-action.

Strategy Planning

Having a solid strategy for social media is vital for any brand. Many smaller brands start to use social media without giving a lot of thought to their goals or reasons for choosing a particular network.

Creating content strategies for brands ensures that your clients have a plan set out and a good idea of what’s going to work for them. If you decide to create content strategies for your clients, you might spend time researching their audience and social keywords, as well as testing and analyzing different networks and types of content.

Account/Profile Creation and Branding

Getting clients set up on social media for the first time is an excellent way to start them off with your social media services, and then encourage them to benefit from the other services you have to offer.

Many small business owners take the initiative to learn what they can about social media and digital marketing, but it can still be somewhat of a mystery to them. It’s often difficult to know where to start, or, if they know what they want, they may struggle to find the time to get set up on social media.

Content Creation

Many of your clients will be looking for content they can use on social media. Although there are types of content they can use across multiple channels, some need to be designed specifically for social media use.

For example, there are certain dimensions to be met for images on different networks, rules, and best practice to take into account. And of course, various types of text formatting to consider. The character limit on Twitter may have been doubled, but it still requires careful consideration to craft a tweet that works.

Research and Analysis

Offering research and valuable insight about your clients’ brands is key to gaining their business. First and foremost, they want to know about their audience and customers: their interests, behavior and who they are.

Secondly, you want to include a comprehensive look at competitors, of what and how they are doing on social media. This will help your clients spot their strengths and weaknesses which they can apply to their own strategy.