We would you like an email marketing campaign that’s in perfect alignment with your overall marketing strategy?

Most organizations say they would love it.

Some acknowledge they hadn’t considered it, which doesn’t surprise me and shouldn’t surprise you.


Because a comprehensive marketing plan must clear the first and most critical hurdle: the budget to fund it. Even with funding in place, you need a skilled staff to develop and implement it.

If your organization budgets for marketing and secures our services for your campaign, the possibilities are endless.

These represent the tip of the iceberg:

  • Promoting events
  • Managing fundraisers
  • Delivering organizational updates and news

Any one could fill a marketing calendar, but that’s not the goal.

The goal is to promote your brand and your products, and with that, to drive revenue.

That requires the strategic thinking and planning Shelten, LLC offers its clients.

Email marketing is all about:

The content

We have extensive experience crafting email campaigns based on proven practices to engage your target market.

The timing

Timing isn’t everything with email marketing, it’s EVERYTHING.

Send a campaign email at the wrong time on the right day and your ROI is DOA.

We send your emails on specific days and at specific times based on empirical data gathered from exhaustive studies.

The offer

You’re going to make them an offer they can’t refuse.

How do you know they can’t refuse it?

Because we’re going to work with you to develop that offer. If the recipient is clear and excited about what’s in it for them, then you have a rainmaker on your hands.

The call to action (CTA)

Once we present the offer, we make it breathtakingly easy for the recipient to act now.

There’s a right way to do it, and there are hilarious memes and countless forum threads about the wrong way to do it.

We’ll make sure yours is a success story.

We deliver results

When we talk aboutROI, it’s not ahypothetical, it’s a promise.

You might wonder how we can guarantee results. The irony is, we know we’d have no business being in business if we couldn’t.

We craft your message template.

We marry your email blast with your brand strategy.

We determine with precision when to send the emails.

We provide you with metrics such as these so you can evaluate your campaign’s effectiveness:

  • Bounce rate
  • Unsubscribes
  • Undeliverables
  • Opened
  • Unopened
  • ROI

Put our email marketing ninjas to work for your organization. Contact Shelten, LLC ASAP.

Email Automation

  • Utilize customer platform to curate the client contact list.
  • Create content and templates for email blasts.
  • Analyze post mailing analytics
  • Report open, close, and bounce rates to analyze the effectiveness of the email campaign.

Email Development

  • Develop content, graphics, and template.