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20 Quotes on Email Marketing at Shelten LLC from SheltenLLC.com

In the world of digital marketing, it’s difficult to ignore the power and influence of email marketing. Despite the rise of social media and content marketing, email remains a vital tool for reaching audiences directly and personally. That’s why we curated this collection of inspiring and insightful quotes on email marketing from industry leaders and marketing gurus.

These quotes not only highlight the importance of email marketing, but also provide valuable insights into how to make your campaigns more effective and engaging. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer looking for inspiration or a beginner seeking guidance, these quotes will surely spark some ideas and get your creative juices flowing.

So, sit back, relax, and let these powerful words resonate with your marketing spirit.

The 20 Best Email Marketing Quotes to Inspire You

1. “Signing up is a powerful signal of intent to buy. Send them email until they do.” – Jordie van Rijn

2. “How to write a good email: 1. Write your email 2. Delete most of it 3. Send.” – Dan Munz

3. “If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think.” – David Ogilvy

4. “Not enough talk about the importance of brand in email. Customers don’t sign up for email—they sign up for your brand.” – Bob Frady

5. “Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches—at scale.” – David Newman

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6. “Personalization—it is not about first/last name. It’s about relevant content.” – Dan Jak

7. “I want to do business with a company that treats emailing me as a privilege, not a transaction.” – Andrea Mignolo

8. “A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed.” – Ramsay Leimenstoll

9. “To get the right message to the right person at the right time you first need to get the right data to the right database at the right time.” – John Caldwell

10. “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne

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11. “Make the customer the hero of your story.” – Ann Handley

12. “Every email is a customer survey of your target market, by testing they vote on what resonates best with them.” – Kath Pay

13. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

14. “On average, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.” – Brian Clark

15. “Quality over quantity—Emails may be cost-efficient but it’s no excuse to not produce quality content to give to a targeted audience.” – Benjamin Murray

16. “Why waste a sentence saying nothing?” – Seth Godin

17. “If Social Media is the cocktail party, then email marketing is the ‘meet up for coffee’. The original 1 to 1 channel.” – Erik Harbison

18. “Treat your subject line like the movie trailer—give a preview so they know what to expect.” – Anonymous

19. “Focus on growing your list all of the time as newer subscribers are more engaged adding to healthier open rates and ROI.” – ‪Karl Murray

20. “There is no formula for the perfect email—Authentic and honest messaging works.” – Anonymous

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As we wrap up our journey through these quotes on email marketing, it’s clear that this strategy is far from being outdated. In fact, it remains a potent, personal, and efficient way to connect with your target audience.

The wisdom shared in these quotes underlines the importance of crafting engaging, targeted, and thoughtful emails. But remember, email marketing isn’t just about selling; it’s about building relationships, fostering trust, and providing value.

As you reflect on these quotes, think about how you can apply their wisdom to your own strategies.

At Shelten LLC, we understand the power of effective email marketing. We’re here to help you implement these insights into your strategies, whether that be email marketing, social media marketing, event marketing, or any other digital marketing needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to taking brands to new heights, crafting impactful campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive results.

If the ideas presented in these quotes have sparked inspiration, challenged your current strategies, or simply made you curious about what effective email marketing could do for your brand, we’d love to talk.

Book a free consultation with our experts today and let’s start the conversation about how we can elevate your brand and supercharge your marketing efforts.

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