5 Incredible Brand Recognition Examples

5 Incredible Brand Recognition Examples from Shelten, LLC at SheltenLLC.com

Business owners are always looking for ways to make their small businesses more visible and engaging to potential customers. If you’re one of them, then check out these five incredible brand recognition examples for some inspiration!

From creative marketing campaigns to cutting-edge customer service initiatives, these recognizable businesses have figured out how to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by millions and even billions of people. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, there’s always room to grow your brand recognition. So, take a look at these examples and see what you can learn from them!



One of the biggest companies in the food industry that has strong brand recognition is the golden arches of McDonald’s. Though originally, the arches weren’t supposed to form an “M.” Instead, they were architectural designs that were meant to be large and bold so they could be easily seen by hungry drivers who might want to stop by for a burger. Eventually, the two arches became the very recognizable logo of McDonald’s that’s still used today.

One of the reasons why McDonald’s has strong brand recognition is the simplicity of the golden arches on a red background. Another reason is their focused target market. For years, this giant food chain focused on children by heavily marketing their iconic Happy Meals. After some time, their marketing tactics evolved to target the general public as whole in order to entice new audiences.

McDonald’s has maintained their high brand equity over the years and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.



Since starting in 1976, Apple has built itself as a powerhouse in sales and capitalization. In fact, whenever Apple launches new products, people literally line up in the early hours of the day just to purchase these products.

One of the reasons why Apple has better brand recognition than other brands is because of the strong visual identity they incorporate into their products. Just by looking at their products, you instantly have a strong brand recall and immediately recognize them as Apple products.

One reason for this is their logo. Of course, the iconic bitten apple is easy enough to distinguish from all of their competitors. It’s simple, easy to look at, and recognizable. Have you ever said the word “apple” to someone and the first thing they associated it with was the iPhone, MacBook, or iPad, rather than the fruit? That’s the power of brand recognition at work. 

Plus, Apple products have done a phenomenal job keeping customer loyalty by only producing high-quality gadgets that result in great customer experiences. Essentially, Apple created brand trust in its customer base by consistently coming up with better and more innovative technology.

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When you see a big checkmark, do you automatically associate it with Nike? Or perhaps the phrase, “just do it” is what triggers you to think of this athletic brand.

Nike has managed to create an incredible impact on the world of sports, sneakers, and athleisure. They’ve sponsored numerous high-profile athletes and have been present in a plethora of events like the Olympics, NFL games, and even NBA Championships. The brand ambassadors this company has utilized include sports celebrities like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Nike is among the few brands that separated itself from being simply a “sportswear brand” to creating a brand image that’s centered on athletics as a whole.



If you open any browser, it’s likely that you’ll instantly land on a Google search engine page. Your browser might even be Chrome, a Google product. Plus, it’s possible that even your email is hosted through yet another Google product—Gmail. However, this comes as no surprise, as over 1 billion people use Google and its many products every single day. 

Many internet users chose to use Google because of how simple it is to use. It also appeals to many different audiences of many different cultures, thanks to Google’s daily updates to its logo with the current holiday, event, or just because.

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There are a lot of soft drink brands in the market today, but no matter where you’re shopping, you’re almost always sure to find a Coca-Cola product on the shelves. How did Coca-Cola maintain its global dominance even after 135+ years?

Coca-Cola has been a staple on multiple lists of the “Most Valuable Brands” in the world for many years now. In fact, it’s the only soft drink brand on the Interbrand List and Forbes List. While these lists are somewhat subjective, they’re still very informative. The factors that influence being on these lists include the company’s sales, market share, brand awareness, and brand recognition, among other factors.

So, what makes Coca-Cola stand out so much among all the other similar products? Simply put, Coca-Cola sells emotions. Yes, we know they sell sodas, but try to take a closer look at their marketing strategies.

They seem to promote “happiness” in a bottle. Plus, their advertising campaigns focus on fostering connection between families, friends, and even enemies. In other words, their commercials invoke human emotions from their target audience. It seems as if sharing a Coke with someone can lead to a positive experience.

Furthermore, their official brand colors of black, red, and white were chosen carefully. Psychologically, red tends to evoke aggressiveness or warnings, but Coke didn’t shy away from this color on purpose. Instead, they chose to use it as a staple color for all of their marketing materials and merchandise due to it being a bold color that helps their products stand out on the shelves and make a statement. 

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High brand recognition and strong brand awareness is the key to growing a successful business that stands the test of time. By understanding how people process information and by making your company stand out, you can create a recognizable brand that customers will want to buy from time and time again.

We’ve shared five incredible examples of brands with strong recognition in this post, but there are countless more! When you take the time to study what these successful companies have done, it can give you clues as to how you can improve your own brand recognition for your company, and, in turn, increase your sales! 

If you need hep attaining a high level of recognition for your brand, click here to book a free consultation with Shelten, LLC.

Our team of experts in social media marketing, market research, and advertising can help you attain a higher level of brand awareness that can give your company the boost it needs!



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