15+ Brilliant Brand Awareness Advertising Examples

15+ Brilliant Brand Awareness Advertising Examples from Shelten, LLC at SheltenLLC.com

No doubt, you’ve heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The right image can capture attention and convey a message much more effectively than text alone. This is why an eye-catching brand awareness campaign is so important. If people don’t recognize your brand, they’re unlikely to do business with you. So how can you create high brand awareness advertising? Check out these brilliant brand awareness advertising examples for inspiration!


Brand Awareness 101

Before we start getting into the different marketing efforts of successful brands, let’s first get to know the basics of brand awareness. The following lists some of the most common questions that business owners or marketers ask:


1. What Exactly is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is how potential customers associate a particular service or product with a specific brand. For instance, you ask for Kleenex when you need tissue paper or Coke if you want a soft drink. These products almost act as generic names for the range of products that they represent.

Seems easy enough but the concept of brand awareness is much deeper than just recognition. On one hand, brand recognition is when customers correctly identify your logo and colors to your brand name. But that is just the first step. The next step is to create brand awareness aside from recognition. Brand awareness not only allows customers to recognize your brand image and business name but it elicits how customers react to your products and services.

The earlier you can establish brand awareness, the more likely it is that your target audience will buy from or even know about what you have to offer. Brands with high levels of recognition are often trendsetters and popular among those who come across them – this makes establishing a strong presence important for marketing purposes as well!


15+ Brilliant Brand Awareness Advertising Examples from Shelten, LLC at SheltenLLC.com


2. What Can Brand Awareness Do for Small Businesses?

Not just in small businesses but also in big ones, brand awareness can create the following:


Associations and Brand Recall

What’s the first brand you think of when somebody mentions facial tissues? Most likely you’d think about Kleenex, and you might even refer to facial tissues as “Kleenex” even if they’re a different brand. This is an excellent example of an association in advertising, as Kleenex has done such a great job with their brand awareness advertising that many people automatically associate their brand with the product they sell. 

This can also be referred to as brand recall, because the consumer is able to recall the name of the brand immediately when prompted by the product (in this case, a tissue). 

As another example, if you need to search for something on the internet, you’ll likely say you need to “Google it” rather than saying you need to search for it. If you get a papercut, you might ask for a “Band-Aid” instead of a bandage. People tend to use brand names to replace generic names when that brand has formed an association, thanks to their effective advertising. 


Brand Equity

Brand equity refers to the value of your brand’s product, especially when compared to a generic equivalent. If a brand has positive equity, this means that your business can increase prices due to high perceived value. Through positive promotion and an effective brand awareness strategy, your brand can become both identifiable and well thought of in the minds of consumers, which in turn will increase your brand equity.


Customer Loyalty

Similarly, positive brand awareness builds customer loyalty. When you’ve established customer loyalty with your brand, this benefits your company in many ways. For instance, one of the best ways to reach new audiences is through referrals. Sometimes potential buyers ask their friends for recommendations, and, if your brand is credible enough to be recommended, this establishes brand trust for your company. In other words, if your customers care enough about your products and services to refer them to someone else, this means you have built customer or client loyalty. 


3. How to Improve Your Brand Awareness Strategy

When it comes to improving your company’s brand awareness, here are some tips for your marketing campaigns:


Advertise Through Social Media Platforms

According to Statista in their 2022 report, people in the United States usually spend about two hours and three minutes on social media each day. Moreover, most of the people spending all of this time online have multiple different social media accounts. 

These same people who are using it socially also check social media posts for product recommendations, reviews, and variety when shopping. Through social media marketing, you can reach larger audiences which can potentially translate to new customers. In other words, a brand’s presence in online advertising improves brand awareness.


Partner With a Thought Leader

Influencers are another effective way to get your brand known. When you partner with an influencer or expert in your field with a large following, there’s a good chance you’ll reach a wider audience, which increases awareness of your brand.


Do Content Marketing

Just about any content related to your products and services can be used in your marketing efforts to increase brand awareness. Even if the content isn’t directly related to your products or services, as long as it’s relevant to your brand and valuable to your readers or viewers, it can help increase your brand awareness. Just make sure you post consistently, no matter what platform(s) you use for your content marketing. For help with content marketing, book a free consultation with Shelten, LLC.


4. How Do You Measure Your Brand Awareness Efforts?

There are two ways to measure your brand awareness marketing strategy: qualitatively and quantitatively. The quantitative measures include numerical data, such as direct traffic to your website and social engagement of people on your posts or ads. The qualitative measures include things like using management tools to check how people discuss your brand and reviewing customer feedback.


15+ Brilliant Brand Awareness Advertising Examples from Shelten, LLC at SheltenLLC.com


Brand Awareness Advertising Examples

One of the best ways to get in touch with your relevant audience is through online advertising. In this section, we’ll dive into a few examples of effective advertising campaigns that are excellent examples of companies building their brand awareness.


1. Pepsi

For most people, the term “Super Bowl” is synonymous with the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show. For the longest time, this brand has been a staple for football fans. Although Pepsi recently ended its sponsorship of the Super Bowl Halftime show, it’s still a major NFL sponsor, and still a brand associated with the Super Bowl thanks to their excellent brand awareness strategies. 


2. Netflix

Netflix started as a mail-based rental service in 1997. Today, it’s still the number 1 on-demand streaming service according to U.S. News. The brand has become so popular that many people recognize the sonic logo immediately as belonging to Netflix. 


3. Dropbox

Back in the early days of cloud services, Dropbox increased its customer base by about 3900% through its refer-a-friend referral program. In short, if you referred your friends and family members to join, you would get additional cloud space.


4. Duolingo

The animated video ads of Duolingo are what made them an attractive app. These ads, though risky, is a fun way to incorporate their signature owl into their brand campaigns.


5. Canva

Founded in 2013, Canva created brand awareness by channeling its focus on audiences who do not have formal training in design. Its ads also showcase the different ways to use its software even for first time designers.


6. Old Spice

Just by mentioning Old Spice, many people get a picture in their head of the man on a horse in their commercials and other ads. Through this ad campaign, Old Spice added humor and personality to promote their product and increase brand awareness.


7. Sonos

Many ads from Sonos incorporate visuals of a pool and summer days, which can trigger audiences to visualize their vacation. After all, what’s a summer vacation without your trusty Bluetooth speaker?  


8. Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask started as a single product line in 2009. Through YouTube ads, it’s become more and more popular not only in the U.S., but also worldwide. This is a great example of how the best results come from carefully thought-out display ads in the right places.


9. Calm

The Calm ad has been circulating over Facebook for years now. Their ads show calming sceneries with positive user reviews. On top of the enticing ads, it ads credibility through the accolades it received from reputable sources like Apple and Google Play, which is an excellent way to increase brand awareness.


10.  Spotify

One of the best brand awareness advertising examples is the colorful ads Spotify always runs. These ads are highly successful at hooking in large audiences with its free 3-month premium subscription.


11.  Chipotle

Who would’ve thought American athletes would be a part of Team Chipotle? Marketing strategies like sponsoring athletes are effective at increasing brand awareness because it entices people to check out the new products and even try the products themselves.


12.  FreshBooks

The Facebook ad campaigns for FreshBooks makes it clear that their target market is small business owners. It actually mentions that it’s an “online accounting software for non-accountants.” They further emphasize that instead of spending too much time on accounting tasks, owners should focus on running their business. Marketing to a specific group of people like this is a fantastic brand awareness advertising example.


13.  Bolden USA

Bolden USA created its brand awareness by showing customer reviews as well as short tutorials. Presenting self-care tips like Bolden USA does is a great way to increase brand awareness and promote your business, as your target audience will be tempted to check out the products used in the tutorials.


14.  Coca-Cola

Perhaps the most identifiable of these brand awareness advertising examples is the classic Coca-Cola brand. Though Coca-Cola or Coke is probably one of the most recognizable brands worldwide, they still make sure they continuously stay on top of the game with consistent advertising. People who love personalizing their favorite products tend to love Coke’s “Share a Coke” campaign.


15.  Liquid Death

This water brand, as ironic as it seems, capitalizes on authenticity and sass. In fact, one of Liquid Death’s ads shows a review from a person who mentions “try a new sales pitch that isn’t for Satan worshippers.” Adding a negative review like this did not deter this brand from putting up its ad, but rather, they were able to use it as part of their brand messaging to increase brand awareness for their company. 



Get Help Building Brand Awareness

Brand building takes a lot of time, effort, and thought. Every strong brand started somewhere and they did not do it overnight. 

A great way to start is through a consultation with industry experts. That’s because the easiest way to get your brand message across to the right people is through an experienced brand awareness company, like Shelten, LLC.

Shelten, LLC is a brand awareness company that specializes in providing your audience with a clear picture of what your brand is. 

Aside from providing your business with social media marketing, Shelten, LLC can also create various types of content, provide digital competition reports, and set you up with marketing strategies relevant to your industry. 

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The examples of brand awareness advertising we’ve seen here are creative, funny, and even inspiring. 

Keep in mind that the most important thing is to be true to your brand when creating any type of advertisement, whether it’s for brand awareness or another purpose. 

If you can nail down what makes your company unique and communicate that through your ad campaigns, you should see great results. 

Are there any brand awareness ads out there that have caught your eye? Share them with us in the comments below!

For help with marketing your business, get in touch with Shelten, LLC today. 

We can’t wait to bring more awareness to your brand and help take your business to the next level!

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