10 Best Branding Podcasts You Should Listen to in 2023

10 Best Branding Podcasts You Should Listen to in 2023 from Shelten, LLC at SheltenLLC.com

Businesses in every industry are always looking to stand out in the crowd. If you’re a business owner looking for different ways to improve your brand, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best branding podcasts to help you get your brand message across better than ever before.

From gaining insight into successful marketing tactics to understanding how different brands have leveraged their platforms for growth and success, these shows are among some of the top tools for taking your company’s branding efforts up a notch.

So, if you’re ready to expand your branding knowledge base like never before, let’s get started!


1. JUST Branding Podcast

JUST Branding Podcast should be among your go-to podcasts for an entrepreneurs, but especially if you own or operate a design firm. This podcast is devoted to helping entrepreneurs and designers grow their brands, create their brand personalities, and stand out from the rest. This podcast series is broadcasted from Sydney, Australia, and hosted by Matt Davies and Jacob Cass.

Each episode delves deeply into the details of the brand building process, which includes expert insights from thought leaders, practical advice, and resources to assist you in creating a strong brand. Additionally, JUST Branding aims to help designers and agency owners bridge the divide between strategy and design. 


2. The Employer Branding Podcast

Aside from being the CEO of Link Humans, Jörgen Sundberg also hosts The Employer Branding Podcast. In this podcast, you’ll learn from international industry leaders and innovators speak about how to build better brands through actionable tips.

These podcast episodes last roughly 20 minutes and follow a simple Q&A structure with leaders from top brands like General Electric, Walmart, and Microsoft.


3. Brands on Brands

Brandon Birkmeyer’s mission is to simplify the process of creating a brand that resonates with the desired customer experience. For this reason, the Brands on Brands podcast is a great tool for content creators, consultants, and entrepreneurs.

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4. The Creator Economy

Professor Nez aims to humanize digital marketing through LinkedIn and Personal Branding, Digital Media, Online Business, and 21st Century Communications in this podcast. The Creator Economy podcast offers a ton of userful information to help you find your company’s purpose and convey your message to your audience in a way that leaves a powerful and lasting impact.

Overall, this is a great show for you if you’re an entrepreneur, a sole proprietor, a huge brand, or even just someone on a mission to make your voice heard in the rapidly evolving digital environment.


5. Big Brand Formula

Brand strategy specialist Gerry Foster hosts Big Brand Formula, a podcast dedicated to inspiring and educating business owners on developing a brand strategy. In essence, this show teaches how to avoid spending too much time on your brand’s visual identity so you can move on to more exciting things that lead to a bigger ROI, such as igniting your target audience to take notice of your brand story.


20 Best Digital Marketing Podcasts in 2022 from Shelten LLC at SheltenLLC.com

6. Logo Geek Podcast

If you’re just starting out and curious about what goes into creating brand identities and logos, then let Ian Paget, host of The Logo Geek Podcast and world-renowned expert in logo design, help you!

This show covers tons of topics, including how to obtain clients, how to come up with ideas, how much to charge, how to choose fonts, portfolio blunders, branding, and content marketing. In addition, the host often conducts interviews with successful businesspeople, graphic designers, and thought leaders.

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7. Let’s Talk Branding

Another popular branding podcast, Let’s Talk Branding, is a show where Stef Hamerlinck serves as your host. He interviews top professionals in branding, design, and strategy to help you get motivated and act as a better brand strategist by learning how to solve critical issues your company faces.


8. The Chillpreneur

Erin May Henry’s The Chillpreneur loves to break the mold in the world of entrepreneurship. It offers podcast listeners fun best practices so that they can become successful entrepreneurs without constantly feeling stressed or burned out. If you want honest and professional insights about how to build your brand peacefully from a podcast host who walks the walk and talks the talk, this podcast is it.


9. The Real-World Branding Podcast

Bill Gullan, the host of The Real-World Branding Podcast, is also the President of Finch Brands. This podcast is for and about developing a brand and a business in today’s modern and digital world.

Here, guests discuss their professional backgrounds and the opportunities and problems related to their brands and enterprises. A clever, helpful podcast, Real-World Branding is dedicated to teaching listeners what it takes to create, manage, and expand strong brands in the real world.

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10. How Brands Are Built

Finally, Rob Meyerson’s How Brands Are Built is where branding experts delve into a variety of brand challenges that you might also face. While other branding-related podcasts tend to emphasize news, opinions, and advanced theory, How Brands Are Built aims to provide a bird’s-eye view of a successful brand and what it took for them to get there. Rob Meyerson, a brand strategist based in San Francisco, conducts interviews with researchers, designers, writers, and strategists in each episode to help you better understand how brands are actually created.



Branding is an essential part of any company’s marketing strategy. You can stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices when it comes to branding by listening to these podcasts during free moments in your day.

If you need help with your branding strategy, Shelten, LLC can help. We’re a brand awareness company that specializes in helping businesses increase their visibility on social media platforms.

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