Admin vs Moderator Facebook Roles: What’s the Difference?

Admin vs Moderator Facebook Roles - What's the Difference from Shelten, LLC at

As a small business owner, you’re probably always looking for ways to better engage with your customers and followers. One great way to do this is through your business’ Facebook account. But do you know the difference between an admin role and a moderator role?

The answer depends on whether you want to know about Facebook Pages or Facebook Groups. Either way, keep reading to find out!


Facebook Page Roles

First, when it comes to Facebook Pages, it’s important to know that Facebook has different “Page Roles” that assign roles like Admin, Editor, and so on to the users who are given access to the backend of your Facebook Business Page.

Here’s a table that summarizes the different types of roles and their access types:

Admin vs Moderator Facebook Roles - What's the Difference from Shelten, LLC at

Source: Facebook

Another important thing to note is that a business page on Facebook cannot be created without a personal account. Also, the person who created the page automatically becomes the administrator with their personal Facebook account.

Thus, an official page must be created by or for the owner or their assigned personnel. This is for security purposes, so that you don’t ever lose access to your own Facebook Page.

Once the account is connected to a Page and you’ve set up your privacy settings the way you want them, then you can move on to assigning roles to your fellow team members. For more help with Page Roles, check out this article in Facebook’s Help Center.

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Facebook Group Roles

Unlike a Page, a Facebook Group only has two roles: Admin and Moderator. The table below shows the responsibilities and permission levels of each one:

Source: Facebook


What’s an Admin Role on Facebook?

Essentially, Facebook Page Admins have full control over the entire Page, which includes that Page’s content, Apps, comments, ads, and virtually everything else. Similarly, a Group Admin also has full control over the group activities. They can assign group roles, remove another member of the group, manage group settings, and more.

In a way, admins have the most important role because they’re the ultimate user of the Page or Group. So, it’s important that any new admins you add to your Pages or Groups on Facebook are people you can highly trust.

A Facebook Page or Group can have a varying number of admins. It’s recommended to choose more than one, but it’s also a good idea to limit it to just the few people you trust the most to help you look after this Page or Group. Of course, it depends on the size of your Page or Group as well as the nature of it, but usually choosing two to three active admins is the best course to take.

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What’s a Moderator Role on Facebook?

Unlike a Group or Page Admin, a Facebook Page Moderator does not have complete control over the business page.

Instead, Facebook Group Moderators or Page Moderators are in charge of tasks like answering questions, deleting unwelcome comments, and creating ads. They also have the power to remove and ban members, should there be any deviation from your Page’s or Group’s rules.

Plus, if your Page is connected to your official Instagram account, your Page Moderators can also reply or send messages there.

To summarize, a Facebook Admin handles every single thing on a business page or a group. As the Page or Group grows, so will the audience that interacts with it. That’s when the Facebook Moderators come into play, which can be added by Facebook Admins.

To help with the growth of the Page or Group, the Moderators are there to help engage with the audience and make sure community rules aren’t being broken. 

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We hope this information will help you better understand how to use these Facebook Roles to your advantage so you can get more out of your Facebook Page or Group. 

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